New Medium Dip Tank Deluxe Kit

  • $616.95

This kit has what you need to get started reclaiming your screens in one simple step. You will receive our medium dip tank that holds 4 standard screens along with 5 gallons of Franmar's One Step Clear Ink + Emulsion Remover, 1 gallon each of D•HAZE Haze Remover, Color Change On Press Ink Remover and D•GREASE Screen Degreaser, along with red, white and blue scrub pads and handle. 

 Franmar's Medium Dip Tank cleans 4 standard screens at one time 

  • 24" x 12" x 24" Inside Dimensions

  • Screen Size Maximum O.D. 20"x24"

  • No Assembly Required
  • Includes Anti-Float Bar and Lid

  • Threaded Drain Spigot with Shut Off Knob
  • Holds 5 Gallons of One Step Clear Ink + Emulsion Remover 
  • Made with Highest Quality 3/8" Copoly Material

One Step Clear Ink + Emulsion Remover 

D•HAZE Haze Remover

D•GREASE Screen Degreaser

Color Change On Press Ink Remover

Biggee Pads

 WARNING: Some products in this kit can expose you to chemicals including n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone which is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to