One Step Clear™ (Ink + Emulsion Remover)

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Cleaning screens just got a whole lot easier! One Step Clear™ Ink + Emulsion Remover is formulated for use in dip tanks, quickly removing ink and emulsion from screens in a single step that takes as little as three to five minutes. This versatile, eco-friendly formula works on plastisol, UV and water-based inks, and removes all types of emulsion, stencil and capillary films. 

  • Safe for reclaimed wood, aluminum and roller frame screens. 
  • Affordable to use; 2.5 gallons reclaims up to 400 screens 
  • Concentrated formula lasts up to six months.



Mixing directions: 1. Dilute one part concentrate to six parts water (1:6) in dip tank. 

Screen cleaning directions: Remove tape and excess ink from screen and submerge screen in solution for three to five minutes. Bring screen to washout booth and rinse with clean pressured water. Note: Soaking times will increase as solution ages. 

Tank cleaning directions: Neutralize solution overnight with One Step Clear™ Neutralizer for safer drain disposal. Drain and rinse tank thoroughly before replacing solution. Note: Solution should generally be replaced every three to six months.


Watch this short video to learn more about One Step Clear!


    Download SDS/TDS

    Formula CAS.No. Function
    Water 7732-18-5 Diluting Agent
    Periodic Acid 10450-60-9 Solvent
    NP-9.5 127087-87-0 Rinsing Agent


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