New Large Dip Tank Combo Kit

  • $602.95

This kit includes all the essentials you need for reclaiming screens in one simple step. It features our Large Dip Tank, which cleans five standard screens, and also includes five gallons of One Step Clear™ Ink + Emulsion Remover

The dip tank is made of the highest quality ⅜-inch molded copoly material; it has no seams and there’s no assembly required. There are optional floor casters available. 

One Step Clear is specially formulated for use in dip tanks and removes plastisol, UV and water-based inks after soaking for only three to five minutes. Its long-lasting formula is safe for use with wood, aluminum or roller frame screens and five gallons reclaims up to 600 screens. When the solution is ready to be replaced, Franmar’s One Step Clear Neutralizer can be added to neutralize pH for safe drain disposal.

  • Tank’s inside dimensions are 24 x 12 x 36 inches
  • Includes anti-float bar and lid
  • Has threaded drain spigot with shut-off knob
  • Holds five gallons of One Step Clear

Watch this short video to learn more about One Step Clear!