280AH: Automotive Adhesive Remover (BEAN-e-doo)

  • $80.95

280AH eliminates damage and removes double-sided tape from auto body moldings.

Formerly known as:
BEAN-e-doo Auto Molding Adhesive Remover

  • Removes Double-Sided Tape from Body Side Moldings
  • Eliminates Sanding and Grinding
  • Made With 100% American Grown Soybeans


280AH dramatically improves the way you remove double-sided tape from body side moldings. No longer is it necessary to sand and grind glue off moldings, which could cause damage and make the molding unusable. Just let the molding soak in a dip tray for the necessary time to soften the adhesive, but no longer than over night, and rinse with water. In some instances, a light scraping with a plastic scraper or scrub pad may be necessary. Actual job-man hours are reduced by over 75%. 280AH will continue to work effectively for up to three months, and replacing it costs less than other products that try to do the same thing. 280AH saves time, money and materials and frees up manpower for other jobs.

  • Naturally Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans
  • Removal is Simple, Easy, and Safe
  • 100% Biodegradable and Non-Caustic
  • No Strong Odor

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Ingredients CAS.No. Function
Soy Methyl Esther 67784-80-9 Solvent
d-Limonene 94266-47-4 Solvent
Surfactant 68439-46-3 Rinsing Agent
Tripropylene glycol methyl ether (TPM) 25498-49-1 Solvent


 WARNINGSurfactant contains < 0.1% of 1,4 Dioxane (CAS 123-91-1) as a manufacturing by product; a substance listed by California's Prop 65 to cause cancer. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov