BLUE BEAR® BEAN•e•doo® Asphalt Remover

  • $18.95

BLUE BEAR® BEAN•e•doo® Asphalt Remover is your go-to product for keeping equipment, tools and cars clean. Our easy-to-use formula breaks down build up of asphalt, polymers, top coating, coat tar, dressing, sealers and tac-coatings. Made with soybeans and not harsh chemicals, it’s biodegradable and cleans up easily with water. 

  • Our asphalt and tar remover can also be pre-applied as a surface protectant 
  • Flash point above 200℉ makes it safer than similar petroleum-based products
  • Average coverage is 100 to 200 square feet per gallon


 Watch how BEAN•e•doo restored this old shovel!


DIRECTIONS: Spray BEAN•e•doo directly on asphalt build-up. Let sit until build-up has softened. Thicker build-ups may require multiple applications or longer dwell times. Spray clean with pressurized hose or power washer.


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Formula CAS.No. Function
Soy Methyl Esther 67784-80-9 Solvent
Surfactant 68439-46-3 Rinsing Agent