780VC: Vinyl Surface Cleaner (BEAN-e-doo Vinyl Cleaner)

  • $14.95

Removes dirt, grime, and built-up oxidation from old vinyl surfaces. 

Formerly known as:
BEAN-e-doo Vinyl Cleaner

  • Removes Dirt, Grime, and Built-Up Oxidation
  • Safe, Eco-Friendly Cleaner

BLUE BEAR 780VC cleans old vinyl surfaces easily making them look brand new again. Designed to remove dirt, grime, and built-up oxidation, 780VC is a safe, eco-friendly cleaner that can be used all year round.

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Ingredients CAS.No. Function
Soy Methyl Esther 67784-80-9 Solvent
Surfactant 68439-46-3 Rinsing Agent


 WARNING: Surfactant contains < 0.1% of 1,4 Dioxane (CAS 123-91-1) as a manufacturing by product; a substance listed by California's Prop 65 to cause cancer. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov