680HS: Hard Surface Graffiti Remover

  • $22.95

BLUE BEAR® Hard Surface Graffiti Remover 680HS is a professional, fast-acting formula that removes spray paint, paint overspray and permanent marker from most non-porous surfaces. It works on lockers, restroom stalls, playground equipment, road signs, rail cars and more, removing most graffiti within a few minutes. Get rid of unsightly tags and restore surfaces with ease! 

  • Made with American-grown soybeans 
  • Ideal for graffiti clean-up indoors or outdoors 
  • Low-odor, non-caustic and non-corrosive


Watch this short video to learn more about BLUE BEAR® graffiti removers!

APPLICATION: Spray Hard Surface Graffiti Remover on surface and gently scrub with a paper towel, cloth or scrub pad. Graffiti should immediately begin to lift. If ghosting remains, repeat process. Do not use on PVC, drywall, limestone, terrazzo tile, rubber, plexiglass or clear acrylic sheets.


Emerge 700DG Degreaser

Companion Product:
Use BLUE BEAR® Emerge™ 700DG Degreaser for quick and easy clean-up of any residue when finished.





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Ingredients CAS.No. Function
Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6 Solvent
Dibasic Ester 1119-40-0 / 627-93-0 Solvent
Soy Methyl Ester 67784-80-9 Solvent
Surfactant 68439-46-3 Rinsing Agent
Surfactant 9038-95-3 Wetting Agent