240PA: Parts Washer With Light Rust Remover

240PA: Parts Washer With Light Rust Remover

  • $177.95

240PA has all the great benefits of 200PW Parts Washer, but with the addition of a remover for light rust and makes an excellent replacement for hazardous petroleum-based parts cleaners.

Formerly known as:
BEAN-e-doo Parts Washer Advantage

  • Effective Solution for Inhibiting Rust on Metal Parts
  • Prevents Rust from Coming Back
  • Eco-Friendly Replacement to Traditional Solvents


BLUE BEAR 240PA Parts Washer Advanced is designed to remove light rust along with oil, grease, and grime from industrial parts and equipment. This special formulation contains no petroleums, is virtually odorless, and is safe to use. Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans, 240PA is an ideal replacement for any shop using petroleum parts cleaners. 

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Ingredients CAS.No. Function
Soy Methyl Esther 67784-80-9 Solvent
Surfactant 68439-46-3 Rinsing Agent
Soft Acid 68584-22-5 Light Rust Removal


 WARNINGSurfactant contains < 0.1% of 1,4 Dioxane (CAS 123-91-1) as a manufacturing by product; a substance listed by California's Prop 65 to cause cancer.  www.P65Warnings.ca.gov